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Built by Carpenter Inc., the PowerMan 9100XL Industrial Articulated Mobility unit is the latest addition in the PowerMan 9000 line of vehicles. Inspired by the sphere wide popularity of the PowerMan 9000, the 9100XL takes the design a bit further. The 9100XL features an increased size and weight-load capacity due impart to the larger leg and arm actuators. The 9100XL also features a off center cab enabling the addition of a crane arm to mounted on the left shoulder. The crane arm allows you and your crew to lift those heavy loads up to those hard to reach places.

The PowerMan 9100XL also features an increased power pack, as will great size, great power is needed. With this increase in power pack size, you get the increased performance without sacrificing operational time. The 9100XL is rated at an industry leading 6 operation hours between charges.
If you have a task that requires heavy lifting into those vertical, hard to reach places? let Carpenter Inc.’s PowerMan 9100XL do it for you.

This miniature is 3d printed in resin. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - We recommend using cyanoacrylate super glue and water-based acrylic paints. Recommended ages 13 and up.