Spotlight : Usarite League

The greater the population of Usari grows, the greater the tension. Haoma's lush benefits are only for the elite, favored few, and Usarites unable to afford its nectar are left desolate, barely existing, and hungry for change. The continued presence of the Federated Bloc is a topic of much distention, as the inhabitants of the seven cities and Haoma have differing thoughts and motivations in response to the Bloc's near two-decade occupation and monitoring. The Bloc has been unwilling to completely depart Usari and Haoma, because of the resources required to pull back and because the high-ranking Bloc left have become dependent on the waters of Haoma and refuse to leave. The people of Usari are unwelcoming to the invaders and use resistance cells to combat the occupation. Due to these cells, the Bloc has brought in mercenary forces to help with the occupation.

The elite of Usari are unwilling to share the secrets of Haoma with the common people and in addition to their other struggles, the common people feel unsupported and blame the Bloc for the current tension. The elite secretly distribute propaganda encouraging this idea to the common people and to distract from their own focus on Haoma's benefits.

What was a tenuous partnership is now strained...any additional fuel could cause the Usarites to combust in full blown warfare against the occupation forces.

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