Spotlight : Rheinland Territorial Realms

Currently, the RTR has had its share of turmoil. Political movements, civil movements, and in fighting have started to weight heavy. A small political group known as the Rheinland Republic has started to grow in power. They have started attacking many of the RTR’s holdings and are growing in influence over the population. Many see this aggression as a Commonwealth proxy, which has caused a deeper and unamendable hatred between the two powers.


Some member states have openly attacked Rheinland worlds. The RTR finds itself caught between the major power of the Commonwealth and the Republic from within. It is a truly precarious situation for the RTR. Its advanced technology and the High Lord’s charisma and empathic care of his subjects are what has kept it from collapse. But the threats from outside and within has for sure taken a noticeable toll on him.


The High Lord uses his armed forces to great effect, but mostly relegates them to defensive roles. He is also known for spend large amounts of CRID on mercenaries for the bulk of the heavy lifting, when it comes to offensive actions. This has brought a large influx of mercenaries and private security companies to the Rheinland’s systems. The High Lord pays handsomely, and the people are generous, it’s a good life for mercenaries seeking fortune and glory.